Times Have Changed For Network Marketing – 5 Tips to Ease the Pain

Are you are a network marketer who is failing miserably and considering quitting because the methods you are using are not yielding any results? Or maybe you already have quit but the dream in your heart of having both time and money just won’t die.

Does this story sound familiar to you? A man is introduced to network marketing by his high school buddy who he just heard from out of the blue. We will call that man Bob. Bob immediately falls in love with the entire concept of network marketing: a lifestyle with both time and money and the idea of helping others be successful along the way. Bob has a very big dream in his heart. He wants to be home to raise his children himself and make enough money to allow his wife to quit her draining job. Bob has a very strong work ethic and he follows all directions from his upline. He and his wife make a list of 100 people. They are so excited to be able to help so many people. The upline sponsor helps Bob to tell all his friends and family but what’s this? They aren’t excited? They aren’t blown away? They aren’t interested in this amazing opportunity? The upline says not to fear because there is a rule. It’s called the three foot rule. All we have to do is tell anyone who comes within three feet of us about our amazing opportunity. Bob is great at this rule because he loves to talk and meet new people. The only problem is most of the people within three feet of Bob feel a little uncomfortable and don’t want to talk business with a complete stranger. All along the way there are weekly meetings held 30-60 miles from Bob’s home. Bob always attends and his wife attends when they can get a babysitter. There are sacrifices that have to be made but it’s okay because it is for the dream Bob has in his heart. Bob is able to sponsor people but they leave as quickly as they come in. His wife, now a stay-at-home wife and mother of 3, is beginning to wonder if ultimate success is really possible. Bob refuses to quit. He is not a quitter. He says to his wife, “You only fail when you quit.”

Can you relate to this scenario? It has been an industry standard to make the famous list or tell anyone with a pulse about your amazing opportunity. This can lead to uncomfortable and frustrating situations. However, you can breath a sigh of relief because there is a new way, a better way.

The internet has made this new way of marketing possible. You no longer market your opportunity because people do not like to be sold. You market yourself because people follow leaders not business opportunities. It’s now easier than ever to reach a massive amount of people at a click of a button. You can join social communities set up specifically to network and make friends. You can post videos on youtube. You can create your own web page, post blogs and drive traffic directly to you.

The options for promoting yourself are limitless and the biggest bonus is that you are leveraging your time. You might be thinking that you don’t have the computer skills to do any of that. The great news is that there are people out there that can teach you all you need to know to get started and it is usually extremely cost effective or free. The times are changing. There is no longer a need to make a list, enforce the three foot rule or attend weekly hotel meetings. That is what some might consider “old school” methods in our modern age of technology. We are in a new era thanks to the internet.

So once you are ready to turn your network marketing business around, what is the first step? Here are 5 simple ways to help you ease the pain of change:

1) Become an expert at being you. Many companies are big on duplication. People do follow people but it’s important to be true to yourself. Everyone has something unique to offer to this world and this industry. Don’t get caught up on trying to be just like your upline. Which leads me to the next important step.

2) Educate yourself. Take time to read self-improvement books every day. Incorporate this as part of your routine. You will soon develop the skills to become a leader in the industry. Also educate yourself on the skills and techniques that are necessary to become efficient at internet marketing. Technology is now the cornerstone of network marketing.

3) Embrace technology. There are many ways to market yourself on the internet. It can be overwhelming. Find a leader that will train you and guide you in the right direction. You can work on one method at a time and soon find your niche.

4) Apply the new techniques you are learning during early mornings and evenings when you are unable to do your normal sales producing tasks. Don’t spend valuable daylight hours doing computer work or research. Continue with what has previously been working for you but expand your knowledge and your skills during down time. That is a mistake easily made because the internet is so vast you can literally spend hours on one thing.

5) Be a member of a team that supports your desires for building an on-line business. There are many great network marketing teams that are building successful organizations. If you are currently on a team that does not promote new school techniques, do your research. Consider what is most important to you in your network marketing career. Find a team that excels in the way you want to build your business.

If you have a heart for network marketing but you are tired and frustrated, don’t give up. I was reminded about not giving up while watching the Olympics. Shawn Johnson was receiving her gold medal for her routine on the balance beam. One of the announcers asked Tim Dagget, a gymnastic gold medalist in the 1984 Olympics, “What is going through your mind when you are getting your gold medal?” Tim’s reply was, “You think about all the times when it would have been okay to quit but you just didn’t give up on your dreams.”

Affiliate Marketing is Changing the Face of Advertising

It is proving to be more profitable for companies to use affiliates to attract customers than using the older, less targeted methods of advertising. It works by letting ordinary people do the advertising to earn commissions. As a way of making money, it is great but it takes patience and work to get the commissions as promised. What you need to know is what affiliate marketing is, how is it used and is it a worthwhile method of making money. After getting these answers, you will want to learn to effectively do it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple; you advertise the product or service of the company you have joined as an affiliate, customers click on your ad, make a purchase and you get a commission. Ads can take many forms. They can range from text ads to colorful banner ads on your website that lead directly to the company’s site.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Customers use the advertising put in place through affiliate marketing when they are searching for products and services. Though they are often looking for a particular product or service, sometimes they are looking for a review of the item and sometimes even come across it when searching for something else.

How can I make a profit with affiliate marketing?

Marketing of this kind has several methods of working. With some companies, you make have a direct affiliation and be paid through the options they offer. One good example is Amazon. They pay through various means such as PayPal payments, gift cards and credit in their online store. Many companies offer such payment methods as direct deposit to your checking account, paper checks mailed to your home as well as PayPal payments.

Is it worth the effort?

There are people who know little or nothing about affiliate marketing who will insist that the effort put into it is not worth it. This is because they are only seeing the work you do right now compared to the equivalent in hourly pay on a job. What they don’t realize that others do is that, if your advertising is done efficiently, you will keep getting paid even after you are not working on it anymore and are working on a different campaign for a different product.

Is affiliate marketing for everyone?

Not everyone has what it takes to be successful in affiliate marketing. There are certain skills involved. Some have these skills instinctively and others learn them. But the bottom line is the hard work and perseverance required to see success. Too many set themselves up for failure by spending the time to set up a website based around their chosen affiliate marketing plan and expect too much to happen too soon. They get frustrated and quit.

You and affiliate marketing.

The future of advertising has changed because of affiliate marketing. You can be a part of this by bringing in new customers to companies whose products and services you advertise as an affiliate. The work is hard but if you are willing to learn and research, be dedicated and patient, you will see the profits you seek. Making money from affiliate marketing is something you can do. So, don’t delay another day! Get a start now in learning how it is done just as I did and before you know it, you will be working for yourself and not someone else.

Tips, Tools and Tactics For Handling Commercial Property Owners in This Market

In this commercial real estate market you really know the property owner that you are dealing with, and their reason for talking with you on property matters.

As a base strategy, it pays to directly question the client on their needs but also and perhaps more importantly their knowledge of the current market. You want all the real facts and make sure you get no hidden agendas from the clients. So let’s see how we can achieve this clear and precise information from the client.

Direct Questioning

Question them more and you talk less! Direct questioning does set the foundations of confidence and knowledge for you in the conversation. It makes you stand apart from the competition as the property agent of relevance and knowledge. The property owner can see that they are talking to someone who really knows the current market and why things are happening.

Here are some key questions and concepts. We recommend that you use this as a checklist for the process. That will keep you on track.

  • What is the Owner’s Motivation in talking with you today and how did they reach you? They must have at least one specific reason. You need to know why they have chosen you as the potential agent to help them. You should also know how they found you in the first place. If it was through another property campaign or a referral then you have a base from which to create leverage.
  • In this commercial and retail property market, volatility and uncertainty can impact many properties. The time on market will be extensive in most circumstances unless the property is correctly matched to the target market and the price or rental is keenly structured. For this reason you want the best properties to list with you and not the average ones. What do the clients ultimately want to do in listing the property today and what is the time frame that they must satisfy?
  • Is there a financial hurdle or benchmark that must be satisfied for the transaction to be successful? If there is any financial pressure from the mortgagees and the banks, it is important to know full details of that. See if the client will involve you with the banks at the earliest stages so that any pressure from that direction can be controlled. If the bank is confident in you and your services, they will likely let you take choices in the property promotion road ahead.
  • Given the price or rental that you could achieve with the property in today’s market, is there a financial target or hurdle in the clients mind that must be matched? Is it realistic and what will be your strategy in the process? Work on the clients thinking from the earliest stages of the listing process. Attitudes of inflated prices and rents have to be toned down. The property market of this year is a lot different than two years ago. Do not waste your time on overpriced listings at unrealistically high levels.
  • Has the property been on the market for some time with other agencies? This fact will impact your strategic approach in continuing with the listing today. You will need to freshen up the marketing so previous promotional campaigns are not impacting your campaign today.
  • The previous history of the landlord’s interaction and service with the other tenants in the building must be identified and understood. Many potential purchasers or potential tenants for the property in today’s market will speak to the other existing tenants in the property as part of their due diligence process. Any bad history can derail your negotiations. The earlier you know about the problem the easier it is for you to strategize and address.
  • Given that there are so many changes impacting the market at the moment, does the owner of the property understand the market and how they must adjust to those pressures? This can include property renovation, adjustments of rentals, establishment of fresh lease documentation, repositioning of tenancies, a reassessment of the property financials, well directed marketing campaigns, and reductions in price or rental as required.
  • Is the property owner a ‘Corporate’ in structure and how does that effect or delay decisions that will be appearing in the sale or lease process? It is surprising how much delay can be experienced when working with boards of directors and the people in ‘head office’. Property documentation must be a high priority and fast tracked when the time comes. Understand who you must get the documentation to and how they will process the documentation.
  • Who are the Owner’s Solicitors and Accountants, and can they be directly reached for discussions on the financial matters of the property? It is interesting to note that solicitors in the property documentation process can slow things down extensively (their work load pressures are not your pressures). This is where you will likely need the assistance of the client to make the solicitor respond in a timely fashion to your requests. It is quite likely that the solicitor will not even take your calls as the property agent until the client so instructs them.
  • Given the property transaction today, is the client a repeat investor and will they want to re-enter the property markets soon on a different type of investment? This is an excellent time to purchase other commercial real estate. Prices are historically low and offer significant opportunity for those clients that can act today. Finance can be the problem that holds back the bigger deals.
  • Does the client own anything else in commercial real estate which needs to be balanced in property portfolio performance as you sell or lease the subject property? In many cases, it is the stability of the cash flow across the portfolio which needs to be considered for the client. Many wise portfolio property owners will select properties in different property types such as retail, office, and industrial, so that the economic trends of any distressed market segment or location will be offset by the other properties in the portfolio. It is of note that diverse property portfolios produce less volatility but also produce less extreme peaks when one property market is performing highly. The property owners today who are reasonably comfortable economically are those that have spread their investment portfolio across different property types in good locations.

So the key issue here is to completely understand client and their needs. The better you do this, the better the chances of an effective sale or lease in a timely fashion. Confidence and control are the foundations of your success as a commercial property agent in this volatile real estate market.