Seven Tips to a Successful Fundraiser in Direct Sales

Fundraising in direct sales is a wonderful way to locate new customers. You are having sub-sellers doing the selling for you. Those who might not have ordered from you directly will order now, knowing the funds will benefit the organization/group involved.

I’d like to share seven tips for creating a successful fundraiser:

1. Plan ahead – Make sure you have plenty of catalogs, samples, sales tax charts and any other supplies you believe the fundraiser participants will need. You want to be prepared whether there are 5 participants or 25 participants.

2. Create a marketing packet – Marketing is key whenever you are making a sale. In this case you are selling the idea or concept of raising funds with you and your direct sales company. If your company already has letters and forms in place, use those and just personalize them with your name, phone number and web address. If your company does not have letters and forms available, ask your upline if they have templates you can personalize and customize.

3. Choose a specific time period – I recommend no longer than two weeks for a fundraiser. This is plenty of time to show the catalog, collect the orders and payment and then submit the order to whoever is collecting the final orders. Be very clear when the deadline is for submitting the orders.

4. Contact the local newspaper – This is a great reason for a press release. Let the community know that the organization is involved in a fundraiser and let the community know how they can participate and order products.

5. Payment options – Be very clear what the payment options are. Will you take personal checks? Do you want all checks made payable to the organization and then the organization will pay you? Can you accept credit cards? Lay out the rules up front so that everyone is clear on payment options.

6. Offer full support – Every organization has different needs. Let the organization know that you are there to help and support them. I’ve done presentations at board meetings. I’ve prepared sales flyers. I’ve created order forms. I’m willing to offer any and all support the organization needs.

7. Follow up – After the fundraiser is complete, follow up. Let the organization know you care. Were there any problems? Were there any additional orders you can place for them? Can you contact them again next year for another fundraiser?

I hope these tips help you create a successful fundraiser for both you and the organization involved.

Expanding Your Direct Marketing Strategies And The Four Merits That It Offers

Marketing is renowned for its huge variety of possibilities to showcase entertainment, educate people, and be used as resources to expand brand awareness. If your firm is looking to progress beyond its existing limitations and develop to create new prospects of success, the utilization of high quality marketing can indicate one of your best tools to rely upon. While each and every business often invests in some kind of marketing, it can take the expertise of a business marketing consultant to discover all the best resources your firm can rely upon. The following identifies the several benefits a business will figure out from the use of these consultants.

First Benefit: Evaluating Current Strategies

The first advantage to explore from using the resources of a business marketing consultant is seen with the evaluation that is carried out of your current strategies. Marketing strategy is a very significant factor when it relates to saving business money and limiting the expenditures allied with this resource. By tapping into solutions that will assist you in evaluating this strategy you can identify strengths and weaknesses so as to save money and enhance marketing results.

Second Benefit: Identifying New Opportunities

Once you have been in a position to correctly evaluate your marketing strategy as an outcome of the assistance of a business marketing consultant, the next move is to determine new prospects for you to invest in. By getting rid of wasteful spending, your marketing budget will increase so you can incorporate high-quality marketing solutions to help increase business potential for driving sales and company success.

Third Benefit: Beginning Email Direct Marketing

One of the most vital elements of marketing is finding solutions that will enable you to stay in constant contact with your customer base. While a large percentage of firms have the e-mails of individuals who purchase from their business, no communication is ever distributed to these people. By generating an email direct marketing program you can access the attention of previous investors in the hopes for generating repeat business.

Fourth Benefit: Developing Direct Marketing Strategies

Besides the opportunities that exist with creating reoccurring sales from previous customers, it is also vital to use solutions such as direct marketing strategies that can help in getting hold of the attention of new consumers. Accessing new customers will provide you some of the greatest possibilities for business growth as you attempt to enhance upon your businesses potential for success.

All of the advantages previously identified are available to any company that is seeking to embrace the services of a business marketing consultant so as to further improve beyond their current company limitations.

Consumer Direct Inc – MLM Health and Wellness at Its Finest

Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw have for years been extremely popular folks. These 2 are renowned nutritive analysts and writers, who’ve single handedly been credited for launching today’s anti-aging revolution, after the successful release of their highly-popular and best-selling book, Life Extension: A Practical scientific Approach, in 1982. Today, Durk Pearson and Sand Shaw continue to be fertile and successful diet and wellness product marketers, and own / manage a company called Consumer Direct Inc.

What Have Durk And Sandy Been Doing These Years?

Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw co-wrote the highly-popular book Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach in 1982. They also co-wrote The Life Extension Weight Loss Manual, as well as the Freedom of Informed Choice: FDA vs Nutrient Supplements in 1993.

These two savvy nutritional researchers and authors have also wrote numerous articles in cognitive enhancement, life extension, anti aging, weight loss and other nutrition topics and concerns. These two eminent fellows also have appeared in over three hundred television programs, from several appearances on CNN’s Larry King Live, to a number of documentaries on aging and wellness on such favored international TV networks like BBC, Canadian Broadcasting concern and on Japanese television.

The pair released the Life Extension Video in 1988. The video was made to completely explain a big selection of ideas and information, which were taken from their top selling works on weight loss, nutrition and anti-aging.

What Are The Products Of Consumer Direct Inc.?

Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw’s Consumer Direct Inc. produces and markets a wide array of leading edge health and wellbeing and anti aging products and additions. Their products go from the Direct Health product line, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw Designer Foods, and the Direct Health Junior product line for kids.

The majority of the company’s nutritional formulations contain precise nutrient co-factors, which act together with the product’s principal nutrient. The corporation’s health, well-being and age-defying products do not contain synthetic fillers, corn, soy, yeast, synthesised colours, pollen, glucose, sucrose, artificial sweeteners and wheat, which may cause allergic responses

Selling Revolutionary Health and Wellbeing Products Through MLM

Because Durk and Sandy have in depth experience in formulating nutritive supplements and in studying body metabolism, they have designed nutrient supplement formulations, without getting any reference from the usual complicated biochemical charts. Durk and Sandy, as well as the company itself, are absolutely committed to revolutionizing the market place, by introducing a new wave of nutritive and wellness products.

Consumer Direct Inc. is completely committed to manufacturing high-quality but cheap nutritional products, while at the same time permitting customers to support one another and achieve independence and wealth. The company markets its nutritive products though internet promotion or M.L.M.

Durk and Sandy note that if you use the products and achieve the desired results, all that you need to do is tell your success story to everybody, and the results will. Sell the products. The sole investment you want here is to sign up for automated cargo of your product orders, and effectively lure others to join your business too.