Critical Marketing Mistake 1 – Putting Out Institutional Instead of Direct Response Messages

Institutional advertising is a very common part of most businesses marketing strategy. It is also EXTREMELY ineffective. Many business owners have unfortunately bought into, (literally) or been coerced into believing, that if I throw enough of it ‘out there’, then something’s got to stick! Very often this mis-information has come from people who simply don’t have a clue how about advertising, but just simply want to sell you ‘white space’: advertising in the local paper being a classic example.

Most advertising I see is nothing more than a larger version of a business card: name of company at the top, then a few lines about what the business does, then their contact details. Or worse still… Falling into the trap of believing ‘branding’ is a means in itself of attracting clients. I will always maintain that branding — as a starting point — will never work for SMEs, unless… You either have 1) the kind of marketing budget afforded to big corporations, or 2) you simply don’t mind throwing good money away!

‘Yes, we recently did a 5,000 flyer drop locally, and so far… Well, we’ve had no response… But I’ve been told that very often the first time doesn’t make much of an impact, it’s only after several attempts that you may get some response.’ The number of times I’ve heard this from a client tell me this, or variations on a theme, is unfortunately common place. It also makes me angry, as especially for the small business owner every pound counts.

Let me tell you this… If you didn’t get a response to your advert/flyer/letter the first time, it doesn’t matter how many times you keep rolling out the same version. Listen… Your audience are trying to tell you something, ‘it ain’t working!’ So don’t keep throwing good money after bad!

Instead… Always use DIRECT RESPONSE messaging.

You need to start using messages that elicit a response. A blown-up version of your business card, will do nothing to compel me to want to contact you, or discover more information.

NEVER start your advertising pitch with your company name, that’s not going to get my attention. I don’t care what you’re called, so why start the message this way. Instead… Begin with a COMPELLING headline; one that speaks to me directly, and that draws me in to the rest of your copy.

Then offer a call to action… Get me to respond… FASCINATE me into wanting to contact you!

Naturally there’s much more to effective copywriting than this, but this strategy alone, will not only save you thousands, but more importantly, will help you get a response to your marketing efforts.

Top Corporate Event Planners

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In the recent market, there has been a boom of Corporate Event Planners Long Island. These individuals are responsible for planning any corporate event, and whether it is professional or entirely personal like your wedding, they look after everything. What makes them so popular? Top 5 reasons include End-to-end planning: starting from fixing the venue to the decoration, music to be played, and the food items to be served – everything is taken care of by the planners. The top corporate event planners offer Complete Wedding Packages. All you need to do is discuss with them. Tell them what you are looking for so that they have a fair idea of what you have in mind, and accordingly, they will plan the entire event.

The top corporate event planners are all lovers of perfection. Irrespective of the occasion you are hosting or put in charge, the right impression is essential. Parties and events are significant in terms of getting to know the right people. Thus, having the proper corporate event planners in Mumbai is necessary. They have many years of experience, but they also hold significant experience in terms of all things.

Before they go ahead, they will share the entire plan with you to sync with the whole affair. Once you go ahead and give the green signal, they will proceed with the full planning. No running around: the top corporate event planners are looking after the entire affair; hence you don’t have to run around to ensure that all the errands are met. You can sit back and relax and get the much-needed relaxation before the big day. As they are seasoned players, you can be settled that everything will run out as planned. Budget-friendly: who said things have to be costly to look beautiful?

If you mention the budget to the service providers who offer wedding planning, they will ensure the best possible services are given as per your budget. Guest invitation and care: the top corporate event planners will ensure that the guests are invited and that the invitation has reached all the guests on time. Once the guests start arriving, they will look after them and ensure that there is no lack as far as looking after them is concerned. It is a big booster because looking after the guests is a huge responsibility. When you have expert professionals who ensure everything on your behalf, you can practically sit back and enjoy the celebration without worrying about anything under the sun.

Customized service: The best part about the top corporate event planners is that they offer customized service. As they have tie-ups everywhere, you can expect the perfect dream wedding. In short, everything is taken care of by them, so why should you not hire them? Here we have mentioned only the top 5 factors. There are many other reasons as well. So what are you waiting for? If you have a wedding coming up, why don’t you go ahead and hire the right planner? Most of these planners have a good website. You can quickly check out these sites and find out the kind of services offered by them. Call them up directly or drop them a mail, and they will get back to you with all the answers.

Network Marketing Through Direct Sales

Looking for a solid career to start from home? Network Marketing is a great way to change your profession and create a great stream of income for you and your family. Probably the biggest question is what do I market and what products or services are available in the internet marketplace. This article will touch upon the power of direct sales to move your business forward.

How do you find your niche?

Many Entrepreneurs look to Network Marketing to help them get a product they have created to the marketplace to gain access to potential customers. However, what if you do not have a product of your own to sell, what do you do to tap into this lucrative business model.

The first step is to sit down and start the research process. With the advent of the Internet almost anyone in the world can research companies looking to help with the selling process. Many marketers act as independent contractors and run their own business, many from home, to sell products. Their income can be derived from commissions on product sales and residual income from their downline or team members. Commissions, for non multi level marketing efforts, are usually the greatest source of income. Commissions will vary with distributors, however it is not unheard of to make anywhere from 10% – 50% on the product being sold.

Residual income can become a great source of additional funds for the network marketer. Essentially residual income comes from people who have purchased your product and depending on the product you are selling will be a team member. These members form a downline of recruits who will provide income to you for their selling efforts.

Direct Sales

Essentially the scenario presented here represents the direct sales aspect of Network Marketing. Direct sales efforts depend upon commissions to be the majority of your income. Multi Level Marketing or “MLM” depends upon your ability to recruit people to sell the product you are representing; this discussion will be for another article.

Both direct sales and Multi Level Marketing are viable ways to earn a legitimate income. My opinion is that direct sales are a better and more logical approach to earning a respectable income from home. There are a myriad of services and products you can represent. It took me close to five months of research to locate a product that I was comfortable with and a company I trusted and respected. One huge advantage of pursuing direct sales as a career is the ability to build personal relationships in your customer base. Unlike many retailers, direct marketers build trust and loyalty with their customers and team members who can only enhance you ability to build your business. Clients, who feel a bond with you and your product, even though something cheaper and flashier may come along, will reward you and your efforts over the long term.

In conclusion, depend upon your gut instinct and pursue the opportunity that excites you and allows you to enhance your life. Do not let anyone bog you down with negative advice or opinions. Stay the course and accept the alternative way of creating wealth to the outdated corporate structure.

Christopher Benoit