Real Estate Agent Direct Mail Marketing

How Real Estate Agent Direct Mail Marketing Can Increase Your Business

According to the US Postal Service, 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately. Now, imagine a piece of Real Estate Agent Direct Mail strategically delivered to one of those consumers, filled with information that addresses one of their immediate needs. It’s like scheduling a face-to-face meeting with your ideal consumer, since Direct Mail gets you literally in the front door!

If you are a Real Estate Agent in Orange County, California searching for the most effective way to reach your clients and prospects, Real Estate Agent Direct Mail Marketing may be the answer you’re looking for. Here are some ways Direct Mail Marketing can effectively increase your business…

* Hit your target.
Determine who you’re trying to reach and focus on reaching them. Mass advertising can be expensive and isn’t always an option for small businesses. By contacting only your ideal client through targeted Direct Mail Marketing, you eliminate unnecessary marketing efforts and drastically increase your return on investment.

* Connect on a personal level.
Addressing your clients by name, and offering them service based on their needs, forges an automatic connection which makes them more likely to respond. In fact, 55% of consumers “look forward” to discovering the mail they receive, and you want to ensure your piece is there for them to discover.

* Customize it your way.
Infusing the unique traits of your business into your Real Estate Agent Direct Mail Marketing pieces is easy, and you can customize your program the way you want. Some examples of customization include showcasing real estate accomplishments, informing readers of market trends, or simply wishing them a happy holiday!

* Give them something to hold on to.
Physically placing your message in your customers’ hands engages them in a tactile way, and providing them with useful information encourages them to interact with you and keep your piece handy.

* Track your success.
Real Estate Agent Direct Mail Marketing is one of the few media channels that allows you to track the success of your campaign, and it’s as simple as counting the responses you received from that particular piece. By tracking and analyzing your results, you can make the necessary adjustments to your program to generate more leads.

The key to building a strong brand as a Real Estate Agent in Orange County, California and increasing that brand’s value is consistent, regular marketing, and Direct Mail marketing pieces are an easy, cost-effective way to do this. Connect to your target client today with Direct Mail marketing and increase your business!

Carbon Copy Pro – How You Can Make Money in Direct Sales

Can You Make Money With This System?

1. You earn commissions from applicants.

When one of your leads submits an application, you earn a $30 commission from the $49 fee.

The is called a “funded proposal” and it serves 2 main purposes:

* it helps filter out the “tire-kickers”
* it provides you with a cash flow in the front-end to offset your marketing costs

2. Carbon Copy Pro promotes a lucrative direct sales opportunity.

The potential to build a substantial income is more realistic in network marketing with a direct sales approach as opposed to a “traditional” MLM compensation plan.

The reasons for this are:

* attrition rates are very high in the MLM and network marketing industries

* the cost to acquire a new distributor or rep keeps rising

It is difficult to build a decent residual income when the average new person in your organization only sticks around for approximately 3 months.

In a direct sales approach, this has much less impact on your bottom line since your commissions are paid “up front”.

Carbon Copy Pro appears to be promoting the “right” type of business for today’s market.

The company that is promoted by Carbon Copy Pro is Wealth Masters International. For more information on this company, please click here.

3. The commissions involved.

You can earn $1,000, $5,000, or $8,000 per sale, depending on your qualification level and the product sold.

You also earn $400 minimum from sales made by people you have personally sponsored.

Very lucrative.

For more information click the links below. This is not a multi level marketing

Direct Mail Marketing: A Better Way?

It’s often called “Junque Mail.” And with good reason! Why the fancy spelling? Because any way you spell it, “junk mail” is often very expensive – and not always profitable.

Actually – and take it from someone who was once responsible for upward of 50 million pieces of direct mail a year – the return on investment (ROI) is often marginal at best.

First off, there are no guarantees of success. In most cases the advertiser will be lucky if even two people out of 100 who receive a particular piece of direct mail buy what’s being offered. That means 980 recipients out of ever 1,000 who receive that direct mail “package” or “kit” as they’re known, will throw it out.

At a cost of between $500 and $800 per thousand kits to produce, that’s a lot of precious advertising dollars ending up in the trash bin. For the uninitiated, a “package” or “kit” includes a variety of items in the envelope reaching a home.

There’s the traditional sales letter, usually from one to four pages long. Then the brochure describing in words and pictures what that sales letter could describe only in words. There’s also a “response device.” Never call it an Order Form. Heaven forbid! It can be called a “Membership Application,” a “Certificate,” a “Response Card,” but never an “Order Form” because people baulk at ordering.

“Ordering” anything instantly communicates the expectation that the person ordering will have to pay for what was ordered. But “joining” or “responding”? Well, it may take a little longer to realize, but that, too, must be paid for.

In addition to the all of the above, there’s also the postage-paid “BRE,” short for Business Reply Envelope. Or the no-postage-paid, preaddressed “CRE,” Courtesy Reply Envelope. Gotta have something to put that “Membership Application” in, right?

Oh, and most kits also include the infamous “lift note,” a little piece of colored paper that says in essence, “If you’ve decided not to accept our offer, but before you throw our expensive direct mail package in with the trash, please read this.” It’s a last ditch attempt to get you to do what? To order, of course!

And did I mention one of the major roadblocks to using direct mail kits? Getting people to actually open the envelope in which all that stuff is stuffed. Unless there’s a “grabber” printed on the front of that envelope, a few choice words that make a recipient want to instantly tear open the envelope, that recipient, along with 98 percent of the others, will pitch their unopened envelopes in the waste basket. And, yes, there are specialists who get paid big bucks to right effective “grabber” words.

Is there a better way, a less expensive way, a more effective way to use the mail to sell an individual product or service? My suggestion, based on how well they seem to be working for a growing number of companies, is postcards. No, not those dinky little old-fashioned ones. I’m talking about really big postcards, giant postcards, living color postcards, even die-cut postcards, ones in the shapes of cars, or trucks, or cuddly kitty cats.

With these kinds of postcards, there’s no envelope that most be opened before an offer can be read. The message, whatever product, service or idea is being sold, will be right there in gorgeous living color for the world to see. And, because of limited space – a smaller “canvas” on which to paint a rosy word picture of the product or service – there will be fewer words for the recipient to read. Strange as it seems, people seem to avoid reading these days. They do, however, like colorful pictures.

Mailing list costs are the same for postcards or kits, but the cost of printing postcards will be significantly less. No longer in that $500 to $800 range. Less than half of that. Much less. So, if you want to be a real standout in someone’s mail box, testing several types of postcards could be worth your effort. Testing, after all, is a large part of what marketing is all about.