Internet Network Marketers Need a Target Market – Do You Have One?

If you are not effective in speaking to the right group, or attracting a Target Market, then you are missing an important part of Internet Network Marketing success: the leads. Not just any old leads, mind you, but the type of quality leads that will stick around long enough to identify with you, communicate with you, learn from you…..and think enough of you to buy from you.

That’s what this is all about: speaking to the right Target Market for you. In order to succeed long term in Internet Network Marketing you need to choose a Target Market that you can relate to, so that when you write effectively they will be able to relate to you.

How do you choose a Target Market? Choose a Target Market that relates to your Network Marketing business and/or your interests. Naturally, it will be helpful if you choose a market you have experience in. You also have to think ahead by choosing a Target Market that you will want to stick with over time. Once you have attracted a large following in the form of Network Marketing leads, you don’t want to dump them for more interesting markets. It’s not like decorating! Take a lot of time to really think this out.

Be Specific! Remember The Secret and the Law Of Attraction? Choosing your Target Market is the same thing. You’ll have to be specific in who you want to attract in order to nail this. Think about the details on paper…describe them…their age…what are their concerns, problems and issues? Are they in Network Marketing? Leads that are looking for a Network Marketing business opportunity? Don’t forget to think about the positive aspects of your Target Market: their dreams and goals, and what they like and are attracted to.

Take all of your “specifics” regarding your target market and list them as subjects. This list of subjects will become your master list of ideas to create content from. If you were specific, this list of subjects will speak directly to the Target Market you chose and created for yourself so you could speak directly to them. This Target Market is your future source of Network Marketing leads.

That is the first step of creating a Target Market that you can truly be focused on, and produce the results you want: Network Marketing leads. Learning to maintain that focus throughout all of the content you produce will pay off by attracting exactly those people to you and your business. Now you can begin to understand, as an Internet Network Marketer, why you might not want to switch target markets mid-stream. It would be the same as inviting your guests, only to leave before they arrived!

Speaking directly, in the form of Internet content, to your Target Market is a skill that can be easily trained. Without Internet Marketing training you run the risk of never fully attracting the Network Marketing leads you are writing to attract in the first place. Join me in training to develop the skills you need to become an effective writer that speaks to your Target Market, and delivers Network Marketing leads to you!

Becky Joubert is a Network Marketing Coach, business entrepreneur, and full time parent…..teaching Attraction Marketing to business owners old and new.

This new business-building model transcends business type or skill level and can transform the way you do business currently by attracting prospects to you. If you’re looking to start a new business venture, this would be a great place to begin!

Network Marketing Through Direct Sales

Looking for a solid career to start from home? Network Marketing is a great way to change your profession and create a great stream of income for you and your family. Probably the biggest question is what do I market and what products or services are available in the internet marketplace. This article will touch upon the power of direct sales to move your business forward.

How do you find your niche?

Many Entrepreneurs look to Network Marketing to help them get a product they have created to the marketplace to gain access to potential customers. However, what if you do not have a product of your own to sell, what do you do to tap into this lucrative business model.

The first step is to sit down and start the research process. With the advent of the Internet almost anyone in the world can research companies looking to help with the selling process. Many marketers act as independent contractors and run their own business, many from home, to sell products. Their income can be derived from commissions on product sales and residual income from their downline or team members. Commissions, for non multi level marketing efforts, are usually the greatest source of income. Commissions will vary with distributors, however it is not unheard of to make anywhere from 10% – 50% on the product being sold.

Residual income can become a great source of additional funds for the network marketer. Essentially residual income comes from people who have purchased your product and depending on the product you are selling will be a team member. These members form a downline of recruits who will provide income to you for their selling efforts.

Direct Sales

Essentially the scenario presented here represents the direct sales aspect of Network Marketing. Direct sales efforts depend upon commissions to be the majority of your income. Multi Level Marketing or “MLM” depends upon your ability to recruit people to sell the product you are representing; this discussion will be for another article.

Both direct sales and Multi Level Marketing are viable ways to earn a legitimate income. My opinion is that direct sales are a better and more logical approach to earning a respectable income from home. There are a myriad of services and products you can represent. It took me close to five months of research to locate a product that I was comfortable with and a company I trusted and respected. One huge advantage of pursuing direct sales as a career is the ability to build personal relationships in your customer base. Unlike many retailers, direct marketers build trust and loyalty with their customers and team members who can only enhance you ability to build your business. Clients, who feel a bond with you and your product, even though something cheaper and flashier may come along, will reward you and your efforts over the long term.

In conclusion, depend upon your gut instinct and pursue the opportunity that excites you and allows you to enhance your life. Do not let anyone bog you down with negative advice or opinions. Stay the course and accept the alternative way of creating wealth to the outdated corporate structure.

Christopher Benoit

Investment – Choice Between Direct Investment in Stocks and Investment in Mutual Funds


Mutual Funds (MFs) are primarily engaged in investing in stocks. Then why should not one invest in stocks directly and what is the need for these funds? This question is answered below:

As investors, our priority always will be to focus higher profits in the shortest time. With this goal in mind, we look upon the avenues open for investment.

Time management

To directly invest in shares, one should require expertise to analyse and compare financial statements of the companies where we invest. By investing in mutual funds, one is essentially hiring a professional manager at an especially inexpensive price. It would be stupid to think that one knows more than these managers who have been around the industry for a long time and who have proper academic credentials. This not only saves our precious time but also provides the expertise.

Risk focus

With shares, one worry is that the company invested may go bankrupt. With mutual funds, that chance is next to nil. Since they typically hold anywhere from 25-5000 companies, all of the companies that it holds would have to go bankrupt.

By pooling a lot of shares (in a stock fund) or bonds (in a bond fund), MFs reduce the risk of investing. If one company in that sector has a bad manager, or a losing strategy, it is balanced by other companies that are performing better. This lowers the risk, thanks to diversifications.

Scope & schemes

Mutual funds operate variety of schemes-say Equity market, Bond Market, Debt market and so on. Once an investor invests in MF, he has the option of ” SWITCH” which means that he can change his risk perception periodically depending on the Economic Scenario which is not possible if one invests directly in Share Market. Secondly, most of them have the scheme of “SIP” that is Systematic Investment Plan whereby one can invest a fixed amount over a period of time and reap the benefits of price changes of shares over the period.


Investment in MF is as liquid as investment in stocks or better than that as some scrips can be sold only in market lots. That is no so in the case of investment in MF. Stocks can be much more difficult depending on what kinds you have invested in. CD’s offer no liquidity (not without a hefty fee) and bonds can be difficult, too. Some mutual funds also carry check writing privileges.